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Last Update: October 1st 2008.

Welcome! Here you can find links to over 500(!!) (fast)food sites. The page is split into 4 sections. If you want to see ALL the logos at once and don't mind the loading time, here's the original full page. Otherwise, choose from these:

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If you know more chains WITH A WEBSITE you'd like me to add, e-mail me with the URL:, or leave a message in my guestbook.

Many thanks to all of you who have given me new addys, or just send a genuine Hello! I truly appreciate it! There are still plenty of food chains out there I am not listing. If they have a site, please let me know and I'll be happy to add them (If I can get their logo.. I hate Flash sites..) ! Some of the latest submissions.. I have problems with the logo.. Granted, I am swamped with work and RL, so I haven't had energy to rebuild the logo from pieces I can save.. I'll look into it, it just might take a month or two more, until I have time. But thank you so much for sending the links, I will do my best to get them on the site asap.

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Columbus, OH

Since I live in Columbus, I want to list some local chains, or single restaurants that are very good (Several of them are under 'Cameron Mitchell restaurants'!) :) Oh, and I am so in love with Bexley/Gahanna Pizza Plus and their 'Ultimate Pizza'!

L'Antibes Bexley Monk Bexley/Gahanna Pizza Plus Bon Vie Cameron Mitchell Restaurants City 
Barbeque El Vaquero Figlio G. Michael's Bistro & Bar Handke's Cuisine Hoggy's BBQ Joseppi's Pizza La Tavola Old Bag Of Nails O'Shaughnessy's Public House The Refectory Rigsby's Kitchen Rooster's Rotolo's Pizza Spagio Trattoria Roma


Non - North-American chains:

Garfunkel's - UK Harry Ramsden's World
Famous Fish + Chips - UK/International Henry J.
Bean's Bar and Grill Made In Japan Teriyaki 
Experience Mos Burger Nando's - UK Pizza Express -
UK/International Quick Hamburger Restaurant
France Wimpy Yo Sushi - UK - combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory